quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2017


Dear MariaManuela, Keeping you in the loop re my Kristang interest and Activities with the Singapore-Eurasians, recently. The 40 Singaporeans who came to visit me in Seremban made me feel my work, travel and research in the Kristang Language and Culture done over a period of 20 years and the production of 3 books in the Kristang Language has definitely come to fruition. Thank you for your help, guidance, caring cooperation and love, without which I could not have successfully reached my desired goals. Mutu grandi merseh. Joan


Subject: 1st Singapore Kristang Language Festival: Poetry Competition Dearest Joan Thank you for hosting such a warm and lively luncheon. We had a wonderful time in Seremban and look forward to seeing you in Singapore! If we have not said it yet we are ecstatic that you have agreed to be part of our panel and a judge for the poetry competition! As we had discussed at the luncheon, I list below a rough timeline we have drawn up for the development of the poetry competition: By 20 Jan, we would have come up with the number of winners we intend to have, the method of scoring poetry and how we intend to present the winning poetry pieces. We are working with an arts group on these details but we welcome any helpful suggestions as well. By 10 Feb, we intend to finalize the publicity for the competition and have our Publicity group put up the submission form for the Poetry Competition on the website. By 1 Mar, submissions are open. Entries would be sent in to judges on a rolling basis. By 31 Mar, submissions close and judging begins in earnest. By 1 Apr, design of the Poetry Competition winners certificates will be completed. By 7 Apr, Judging completed and winners notified. By 10 Apr, we will send poetry competition winners to the arts group to work on performing their pieces at the festival. By 24 Apr, poetry presentation performances should be finalized. 12 May - REHEARSAL Attached is the updated version (V4) of our proposal with more info. If you have any questions and need to connect with me, you can do so via my mobile 65 97235268. I am also on WhatsApp. I look forward to working with you on this historic event! Regards Petrina